Volume 2, Issue 3 (2011)

The effectiveness of evening primrose oil and alpha lipoic acid in recovery of nerve function in diabetic rats

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):245-253.


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Prevalence of the absence of palmaris longus muscle assessed by a new examination test (Hiz-Ediz Test) in the population residing in the area of Van, Turkey

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):254-259.


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Immunohistochemical localization of androgen receptor in rat caput epididymis during postnatal development

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):260-266.


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The effect of acute decompansated hearth failure treatment on oxidative stress

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):267-272.


Research Article [Abstract]     [PDF]

Importance of ulcer size and localization observed at endoscopy in differential diagnosis of gastric ulcers

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):273-276.


Research Article [Abstract]     [PDF]

The comparison of antibody titers secondary to intramuscularly, subcutaneous or intradermal application of low dose Hepatitis B vaccine

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):277-281.


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Serum levels of fibroblast growth factor in patients with intracerebral hemorrhage

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):282-286.


Research Article [Abstract]     [PDF]

The effect of intravenous iron therapy on total antioxidant capacity in patients with iron deficiency anemia

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):287-291.


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Evaluation of the screening test results before marriage

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):292-294.


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Chronic low back pain in housewives

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):295-298.


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Succesful treatment of spontaneous dissection of the coronary artery by primary percutaneous coronary intervention

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):299-303.


Case Report [Abstract]     [PDF]

Columnar cell variant of papillary thyroid carcinoma: A case report and review of the literature

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):304-307.


Case Report [Abstract]     [PDF]

Aortic valve involvement and premature coronary artery disease in Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):308-311.


Case Report [Abstract]     [PDF]

Adenomyomatous polyp causing acute urinary retention in a postmenopausal woman

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):312-314.


Case Report [Abstract]     [PDF]

Mechanical colonic obstruction secondary to core of the pomegranate

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):315-318.


Case Report [Abstract]     [PDF]

Dissecting aneurysm of aberrant right subclavian artery associated with Kommerell diverticulum

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):319-322.


Case Report [Abstract]     [PDF]

Vocal cord hemangioma in an adult

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):323-326.


Case Report [Abstract]     [PDF]

Anesthesia management in a pediatric patient with Dandy-Walker syndrome

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):327-329.


Case Report [Abstract]     [PDF]

Current approach to differential diagnosis of epileptic seizures and pseudo-seizures

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):330-334.


Review [Abstract]     [PDF]

Current approach techniques to fourth ventricle

J Clin Exp Invest 2011;2(3):335-338.


Review [Abstract]     [PDF]