Primary intra-abdominal hydatid cyst cases with extra-hepatic localization

J Clin Exp Invest 2013;4(2):175-179.


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Objective: Hydatid cyst is presently a prevalent health problem in our area and country. Primary involvement of other intra-abdominal organs is rarely seen. We analyzed the cases of patients who had been surgically treated be­cause of extra-hepatic primary intra-abdominal hydatid cysts alongside with literature.
Methods: The medical records of a total of 22 patients who were treated for primary intra-abdominal hydatid cysts with no liver involvement were retrospectively studied.
Results: While 16 (72.7%) of the patients were female, 6 (27. 3%) were male, and their mean age was 44. 5 (26- 75) years. The cyst was most frequently seen in the spleen (n= 8). All the patients had elective surgical procedures. Twelve (54%) patients needed to have organ resection. Total cyst excision could be achieved in 16 (72.7%) patients. The oth­er 6 (27.3%) cases had partial cystectomy. All the patients were administered post-op 10 mg/kg albendazole. The mean follow-up period of the patients was 40 (6-68) months and no recurrences were seen in any of the patients.
Conclusions: The fact that echinococcus granulosus can involve every organ should always be remembered. Al­though no hydatid cysts were seen in the liver or the lungs, all the other systems should be examined carefully accord­ing to the complaints of the patient. Hydatid cysts should be considered, especially in endemic areas, in the differential diagnosis of cystic masses with intra-abdominal localiza­tion. Total pericystectomy where possible, is the treatment of choice.


Extra-hepatic, echinococcosis, hydatid cyst, intra-abdominal


Gündeş E, Küçükkartallar T, Çakır M, Aksoy F, Bal A, Kartal A. Primary intra-abdominal hydatid cyst cases with extra-hepatic localization. J Clin Exp Invest. 2013;4(2):175-9.