Comparison of mechanical and manual ventilation during transport of patients to the intensive care unit after cardiac surgery
Atilla Canbulat, Suna Goren, Elif Başağan Moğol 1 * , Fatma Nur Kaya
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1 Uludağ Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi, Anesteziyoloji ve Reanimasyon Anabilim Dalı, Bursa, Turkey* Corresponding Author


Objectives: We compared effects of mechanical and manual ventilation during transport to the intensive care unit(ICU) in cardiac surgeries.
Materials and methods: After ethical approval, 66 patients (ASAgrade II and III, 20-80years) were assigned randomly. Ventilation during transport to ICU was performed manual (Group EV; n=36) or mechanical ventilation (Group MV; n=30). Measurements were recorded: operation room (A), during transport (T) and in ICU (YB). Systolic, diastolic pressures (SAP, DAP), pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP), pulmonary capillary wedge pressure (PCWP), central venous pressure (CVP), heart rate (HR), cardiac output (CO), blood gases (pH, PCO2, PO2, BE) and peripheral oxygen saturation (SpO2) were recorded. Stroke volume index (SVI), systemic and pulmonary vascular resistance indices (SVRI, PVRI) and mean arterial pressures(MAP) were calculated.
Results: Patients were similar. Duration of transport was shorter in Group MV (p< 0.01). The alterations in HR, MAP, DAP, CVP, PAP, PCWP, PVRI, SVRI, SVI, CO, SpO2 were similar, the increase in SAP during T period was higher in Group MV (p<0.05). Pulmonary arterial pH in Group MV was lower (p< 0.05). Arterial and pulmonary arterial pO2, pCO2 decreased in Group MV, there was increase in Group EV during ICU (p< 0.001, p< 0.01, p< 0.01, p< 0.05). During T period hypotension and tachycardia in Group EV, and hypertension in Group MV were observed.
Conclusions: Mechanical ventilation had short transport time, less alterations in hemodynamic and respiration values and less complication rates. We concluded that the use of mechanical ventilation is a safer method for the intrahospital transport of critical patients.


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J Clin Exp Invest, 2012, Volume 3, Issue 4, 521-528

Publication date: 13 Dec 2012

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