Trigeminal nerve involvement in congenital insensitivity of pain with anhidrosis
Abdullah Kürşat Cingü 1 * , Alparslan Şahin, Muhammed Şahin, Yasin Çınar, Seyhmus Arı, İhsan Çaça
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1 Dicle Üniversitesi Tip Fakültesi, Göz Hastalıkları Anabilim Dalı Diyarbakır, Turkey* Corresponding Author


Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA) is a rare cause of corneal anesthesia. Here, we report a case of CIPA with clinically prominent features of severe dry eye symptoms with painless corneal epithelial defect, early loss of primary teeth and a painless fissure on her upper lip in association with trigeminal anesthesia, and painless wounds on extremities.


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Article Type: Case Report

J Clin Exp Invest, 2013, Volume 4, Issue 4, 509-511

Publication date: 14 Dec 2013

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