Nursing approaches in the postoperative pain management
Sevilay Yüceer 1 *
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1 Gazi University Faculty of Health Science Surgical Nursing Department, Ankara, Turkey* Corresponding Author


Patients frequently experience moderate to severe pain in the postoperative period. Although the pain management is an integral and important part of the nursing care, studies suggest that, nursing management of postoperative pain remains inadequate.
Postoperative care nurses are responsible to assess the patient's pain, teach the patient strategies to deal with the pain, apply the analgesic treatment plan, monitor the results of treatment, educate the patient and the family on pain management and document the pain management outcomes. The nurses’ holistic approach to pain management minimizes the patients’ discomfort caused by pain in the postoperative period after the surgery. In this article, nurses’ approaches to postoperative pain management are discussed.


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Article Type: Review

J Clin Exp Invest, 2011, Volume 2, Issue 4, 474-478

Publication date: 12 Dec 2011

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