Intra-Abdominal Hydatidosis: Hydatid Cyst Related to Right Hepatic Colon Lumen
Bircan Alan 1 * , Murat Kapan, Hıdır Budak, Hekim Kuzu
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1 Dicle University Medical Faculty, Department of Radiology, Diyarbakır, Turkey
* Corresponding Author


Hydatid disease is very common in endemic areas and is one of the most frequent parasitoses in Turkey. We present a rare case of hydatidosis related to the right hepatic colon lumen. Hydatid cysts were present on the liver, in the right adrenal region, and also on the hepatic flexura, surrounded by the right colon and omentum. In our case, a cyst adjacent to the ascending colon had ruptured into the colon lumen and developed a cystocolonic communication. Cysts may not always be detectable by ultrasound (US); adrenal and right colonic cysts may not be detected, depending on the patient’s colonic gas superposition factors or other reasons related to the operator. In our case, multiple hydatid cysts and cystocolonic communication of complications of the cyst were found with multidetector computerized tomography (MDCT), and then, a colonoscopy identified the cystocolonic communication. These results reveal the important role of CT in the differential diagnosis process


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Article Type: Case Report

J Clin Exp Invest, 2016 - Volume 7 Issue 2, pp. 207-210

Publication date: 16 Jun 2016

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