Coexistence of Major Complications in Pancreatic Pseudocyst: Case report

J Clin Exp Invest 2016;7(2):203-206.


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Pancreatic pseudocyst is the most common cystic lesion of the pancreas seen following acute and chronic pancreatitis in 2-10% and 10-30%, respectively. Imaging findings vary depending on the age and severity of the attack. Infection, hemorrhage and rupture are the most frightening complications. The possibility of spontaneous recovery is consider­ably low. A 63-year old male patient who has history of longstanding alcohol consumption presented to the emer­gency department with complaints of abdominal pain. On computerized tomography (CT), an encapsulated and round peripancreatic collection with a size of approximately 8.5x7.5 cm was detected in pancreatic head. In the literature, no article is published mentioning coexistence of complication such as infection, hemorrhage and rupture. We present the association of these three complications observed in our case.


Pancreatic pseudocyst, infection, hemorrhage, rupture


Nas ÖF, Pekgöz M, Ökeer E, Erdoğan C, Savcı G, Gürel S. Coexistence of Major Complications in Pancreatic Pseudocyst: Case report. J Clin Exp Invest. 2016;7(2):203-6.