Incidence of pterygium in patients admitted to a university hospital
Fethiye Gülden Turgut 1 * , Fırat Helvacıoğlu
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1 Department of Ophthalmology Diyarbakır Training and Research Hospital Diyarbakır, Turkey* Corresponding Author


Objectives: This study aimed to investigate the incidence of pterygium in a particular district of Istanbul, its association with age, and gender, and the severity of the disease.
Methods: All patients aged ≥ 30 years referred to our outpatient clinics between January 2009 and December 2009 were included in this retrospective study. Age, gender, anterior segment photos, and findings of biomicroscopic eye examination were evaluated.
Results: The incidence of pterygium for all age groups was 2.91% (male 1.75%, female 3.67%) with an increasing incidence with age. A significant difference was detected in its incidence favoring female patients in 40-49, and 70-79, and male patients in ≥ 80 age groups, respectively. In addition, pterygium was seen in one (75.4%) or both eyes (24.6%) preferring right or left eye in 50.7%, and 49.3% of the patients, respectively. Pterygium was in nasal or temporal region in 98%, and 2% of the patients, respectively. The disease state in 59.9% of the patients was consistent with Stage 2 pterygium. The distance of pterygium from limbus was observed greatest in 60-69, and at a minimum in 40-49 age groups. No relationship was found between eye colour and development of pterygium.
Conclusion: The incidence of pterygium increases with age. Incidence of pterygium differs between genders but without any significant difference. Its occurrence in one or both eyes and in right and left eyes was not influenced by gender of the patients. A statistically significant impact of eye colour of the patient on the development of pterygium was not disclosed.


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J Clin Exp Invest, Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2013, 436-442

Publication date: 14 Dec 2013

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