Candida Albicans: The Invasive Friend of Internal Body World
Hasret Balcioglu 1 *
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1 Expert at Microbiology and Immunology, Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council, Cyprus* Corresponding Author


Candida is a friendly yeast found in the body for beneficial reasons. It can live in all parts of the digestive system, mouth and in women’s vaginas. Candida albicans inhibits the growth of other pathogens through its presence in the digestive tract. When Candida albicans is present in the body at the required level, it helps the absorption of nutrients as well. The body’s immune system and other harmless bacteria can usually control Candida. Due to various reasons, the balance of the intestinal flora deteriorates and the rapidly increasing number of Candida yeasts can cause pathological conditions in their hosts. If the immune system is not strong enough, it will begin to spread through the blood in the veins. At that time, it becomes an unexpected designer of the serious infections throughout the body. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment methods of Candida are very significant as it is for other infection creators.


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J CLIN EXP INVEST, 2022, Volume 13, Issue 2, Article No: em00793

Publication date: 09 Feb 2022

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