Solifenacin induced dyskinesia

J Clin Exp Invest 2012;3(4):539-540.


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Overactive bladder syndrome is a chronic condition characterised by urgency, with or without associated urge incontinence. Solifenacin succinate is a once daily, bladder selective antimuscarinic available. The recommended dose is 5 mg once daily and can be increased to 10 mg once daily if 5 mg is well tolerated. We report here a case with dyskinesia emerged following the use of solifenacin, and disappeared in a few days with stopping the agent.


Overactive bladder syndrome, solifenacin, dyskinesia


Dağ E, Azapoğlu B, Deniz T. Solifenacin induced dyskinesia. J Clin Exp Invest. 2012;3(4):539-40.