Opinions about the future of Clinical Trial in Turkey
Nüket Büken
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Even though all the rights and obligations of all parties of clinical trial – the researching physician, the volunteering patient, the industry, research institutions-  have been assured with ethico-legal regulations, there still exist many problems in the world of clinical research, and suggestions of solutions to the said problems.
As a medical ethicist who has been a permanent member of the Hacettepe University Ethical Committee since 2000, I have decided to write a short report that is a general look at the world of clinical research in Turkey. I wanted this report to be one that talks about some of the issues I believe are important about this subject, which include expectations and predictions on it.
All of the headlines in this report are without doubt, issues that can be researched and written about widely and with much more details. Especially the process of adjustment to the new regulation of the EU (No 536/2014 of The European Parliament), the condition of non-medicational/non interventional clinical research, transparency in clinical research and budget issues are to me controversial subjects that should be especially and primarily discussed.


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J Clin Exp Invest, 2016, Volume 7, Issue 3, 258-264


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