Monkeypox in Morocco: A perspective
Rachid Ait Addi 1 2 * , Abdelhafid Benksim 3 , Fatima Ezzahra Kasmaoui 3 , Mohamed Cherkaoui 1
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1 Laboratory of Human Ecology, Semlalia School of Sciences, Cadi Ayad University, Marrakech, Morocco2 Al Amal Dental Clinic, Marrakech, Morocco3 Laboratory of Health Sciences, Environment and Innovation, Higher Institute of Nursing Professions and Health Techniques, Marrakech, Morocco* Corresponding Author


Monkeypox is a zoonosis engendered by large DNA monkeypox virus, variola virus of poxviridae family. There are similarities in symptoms with smallpox but are milder in nature among monkeypox with the presence of lymphadenopathy. The incubation period is usually seven to 14 days but can prolong up to 21 days. As of June 17, 2022, there are 575 confirmed cases in United Kingdom, 497 in Spain, 338 in Germany, 276 in Portugal, 183 in France, 167 in Canada, 113 in United States of America, 95 in Netherlands, 71 in Italy, five in Israel, and one in Morocco. In response to the high risk of outbreak in Morocco, the Moroccan Ministry of Health and Social Protection has adopted the national monkeypox surveillance and response plan.


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J CLIN EXP INVEST, 2022, Volume 13, Issue 4, Article No: em00803

Publication date: 18 Aug 2022

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