Mean platelet volume in patients with acute pancreatitis
Nigar Yılmaz 1 * , Orhan Veli Özkan, Sadık Büyükbaş, Yeşim Can, O. Hasan Öztürk, Akın Aydoğan, Zafer Yönden
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1 Department of Biochemistry, Mustafa Kemal University, Faculty of Medicine, Hatay, Turkey
* Corresponding Author


Objectives: Platelet contributed tissue damage and inflammations have been of increased interest. It was previously suggested that platelets have an important role in patients with acute pancreatitis (AP). We aimed to assess the mean platelet volume (MPV) which is described as an indicator of platelet activation and platelet count in patients with AP.
Materials and methods: The study group consisted of 30 patients with AP and 30 control subjects who were matched for age, gender, body mass index (BMI). MPV values and platelet counts were measured on admission.
Results: Mean platelet volume was significantly higher among patients with AP when compared with control group (8.82±1.33 vs. 7.94±0.54 fL respectively; p < 0.01). Platelet count was significantly lower among AP patients when compared with control group (223.0±46.2 vs. 295.3±58.9 ×109/L respectively; p < 0.001). The level of CRP was significantly higher in patients with AP compared with control group. Platelet and MPV were correlated with serum CRP levels in correlation analysis (p<0.01; r = -0.364, r = 0.406 respectively). We have shown increased MPV, an indicator of platelet activation, in patients with AP. The platelet count was found to be decreased in patients with AP. MPV values and platelet counts were correlated with serum C-reactive protein level that is known as an inflammation marker.
Conclusion: In conclusion, increased MPV level in AP may be a marker for the diagnosis of acute pancreatitis. 


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J Clin Exp Invest, 2011 - Volume 2 Issue 4, pp. 362-365

Publication date: 12 Dec 2011

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