Clinical characteristics and hospitalization factors in pneumothorax patients: Clinical and therapeutic perspectives from Souss Massa Region
Fatima Es-Sabir 1 2 * , Aicha Lehiany 2 , Safiya Mahlaq 1 2 , Hicham Blaak 1 2 , Naima Eddib 2 , Zaineb Ichou 2 , Ghizlane El Laaroussi 2 , Majdouline Obtel 1 3
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1 Mohamed V University, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat, Laboratory of Biostatistics, Clinical Research and Epidemiology, Rabat, MOROCCO2 High Institute of Nursing Professions and Technical Health, Agadir, MOROCCO3 Mohamed V University, Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat, Department of Public Health, Laboratory of Community Health, Preventive Medicine and Hygiene, and Public Health, Rabat, MOROCCO* Corresponding Author


Introduction: This study aims to investigate the clinical characteristics, therapeutic approaches, and factors influencing length of hospital stay of pneumothorax (PNO) cases.
Materials & methods: This study employed a retrospective approach. Data were collected from January 2019 to April 2023, encompassing sociodemographic information, toxic habits, medical history, clinical signs, PNO characteristics, treatment modalities, evolution, and complications.
Results: The study encompassed 158 PNO cases, predominantly males (89.2%) with a median age of 51 years [33-62]. Primary spontaneous pneumothorax accounted for 62.0% of cases, while secondary spontaneous pneumothorax (PSS) constituted 33.5% with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease as the leading cause (34.0%), followed by tuberculosis (20.8%). Drainage was the primary treatment (91.8%), with favorable outcomes in 84.2% of cases. PSS cases were associated with unfavorable evolution and longer hospital stays. Factors associated with prolonged hospitalization included female gender, PSS, total PNO, and surgical treatment.
Conclusions: This study provides valuable insights into factors influencing prolonged hospitalization of PNO cases in Souss Massa Region. Understanding these factors can aid healthcare professionals in optimizing patient management and improving outcomes.


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J CLIN EXP INVEST, Volume 15, Issue 2, June 2024, Article No: em00835

Publication date: 11 Jun 2024

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