Age-dependent Role of Cilostazol on Cold Restraint Stress-induced Gastric Ulceration in Female Rats
Abeer Mohamed Rashad 1 * , Gehan Hussein Heeba 2, Somya Hassan Hamad 2
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1 Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, Assiut University, Egypt2 Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Minia University, Egypt* Corresponding Author


Introduction: Cilostazol (CIL), a phosphodiesterase III inhibitor, is a potent antiplatelet drug which possesses vasodilator and anti-inflammatory activity that making it an effective drug in gastric ulcer protection.
Objectives: This study investigated the influence of age on the effects of CIL against cold restraint stress (CRS) - induced gastric ulcer in rats.
Methods: CIL (10 mg/kg/day) was administered orally for 2 weeks to adult and aged female rats before CRS-induced gastric ulcer.
Results: This syudy showed that CIL exhibited gastroprotective effects in both adult and aged rats as evidenced by significant decrease in ulcer index, gastric mucosal malondialdehyde level, myeloperoxidase activity and tumor necrosis factor-α protein expression with concomitant increase in gastric mucosal reduced glutathione level and glutathione peroxidase activity, nitric oxide, prostaglandin E2 level, cyclooxygenase-1 and 2 protein expression and gastric juice mucin concentration compared to adult and aged CRS rats, respectively. Additionally, the histopathological examination results came to confirm the protection afforded by CIL in CRS - induced gastric ulcer.
Conclusion: The possible protective effect of CIL against CRS-induced gastric ulceration in both adult and aged rat’s may be explained via its antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties and by enhancement of gastric mucus secretion. It could be recommended that CIL is considered as a more proper antiplatelet drug for adult and elderly patients who are at risk of gastric ulceration.


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J Clin Exp Invest, Volume 10, Issue 3, September 2019, Article No: em00728

Publication date: 29 Aug 2019

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